Bedfordshire League - Estimated Grades for 2019-20

The following is a list of players that do not have a current published ECF grade. The estimate grades are those to be used for calculating board order and may be changed at a later date. 

Name Club First estimated grade New estimated grade
Darren Reed Bedford 167e  172
Ali Kheyrollahi Milton Keynes 155e  127e
Dario Melotti Milton Keynes 165e  
Nick Tsimikalis Milton Keynes 103e 95 
Robin Walker Milton Keynes 100e 76
Yuv Saxena Milton Keynes 90e  
Robert Kowalczyk Milton Keynes 100e  
Steven Wayne Milton Keynes 100e 72
Efraim Ie Luton 120e  115e
Nick Pointon Luton 90e 94
Sajid Kayani Luton 90e  
Des Welton Luton 95e 101e
Octavian Arsenie Luton 120e
Zaki Fayyaz Luton 85e  

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