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Bedfordshire County Chess News

During the Coronavirus lockdown, some of the Beds League clubs have set themselves up for online chess.

Luton/ University of Bedfordshire Chess Club are on Chess.com and the link is https://www.chess.com/club/university-of-bedfordshire-online-chess-club

Milton Keynes has a team on LiChess for MKCC members and details can be obtained from the club secretary, Richard Freeman.

Leighton Buzzard also has an online club and details should be obtained from their club secretary, Adrian Matthews.
Following the government's changes to it's advice, it has been decided to suspend the Beds League as from this weekend. This has also been prompted by the Open University closing it's doors to all clubs, the Unveristy of Luton restricting meetings and the church now putting services on hold. So far, Bedford is OK      17/03/2020
As I'm sure everybody is aware, there has been an outbreak of Coronavirus, which is causing a significant amount of disruption, and which can only get worse in the short to medium term. As a good proportion of the league can be considered to be at risk if they contract the virus, the committee wishes to issue the following guidelines :

1 Follow the government's advice on keeping yourself and everybody else as safe as possible. I will not repeat them here as they are readily available elsewhere. If you do need access to them, the ECF has put links to the various pieces of advice at https://www.englishchess.org.uk/coronavirus-guidance/

2 Shaking hands at the beginning and end of the game is a decision for the players.

3 Should captains find themselves unable to raise a team because of fear of infection, postponements will be accepted. Please give as much notice as possible if this happens.

4 Venues may become unavailable and that will also result in postponements.

These guidelines will be kept under review and may change at short notice, especially if the government decides to restrict people's movements.
Brian Valentine is now accepting entries to the 2020 Bedfordshire County Chess Championship - details here 30/10/2019
Cordon Trophy 2019 - Won by Bedford A
Luton Chess CLub now has a new venue at Luton University. They have provided us with the following maps and directions to get there:
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Fleming Trophy 2019
Unfortunately, Buckinghamshire have not been able to persuade anybody to captain their county team this year, so there will be no Fleming Trophy match in 2019.
Brian Valentine is now accepting entries to the 2019 Bedfordshire County Chess Championship - details here
Cordon Trophy 2018 - Won by Bedford A
Fleming Trophy Scores 2018
Cordon Trophy 2017 - Won by Bedford A
Fleming Trophy Report 2016
Brian Valentine is currently accepting entries to the 2017 Bedfordshire County Chess Championship - details here
Leage fixtures published - see Bedfordshire League pages.
Cordon Trophy 2016 - Won by Leighton Buzzard A

The body of Branko Pribanich was found at his flat in February. Details are very scarce at the moment, including cause of death and exact date of death. The inquest should provide more details.

As most of you will know, Branko was the secretary and captain of Northampton for many years, leading them to the 2nd division title several times and the 1st division title in 2009-2010. He won the Bedfordshire Individual County Championship in 2003 and was possibly the oldest person to have done so. He was certainly one of the county's characters.

Cordon Trophy 2015 - Won by Leighton Buzzard A
Fleming Trophy Report 2015
This years League AGM is at the OU on 10th September 2015 at 8pm.
Cordon Trophy 2014 - Won by Milton Keynes A
Fleming Trophy Report 2014
Cordon Trophy 2013 - Won by Milton Keynes A
Fleming Trophy Report 2013
Cordon Trophy 2012 - Won by Milton Keynes A
Fleming Trophy Report 2012
County Championship Controllers Report
Cordon Trophy 2011 - Won by Open University

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