Squads for the Bedfordshire League 2019

Division 1 Division 2
Graham Smith * Richard Freeman * Jake Chan * Ray Holland ** Paul Endersby **
Adrian Elwin * Francesca Matta * Graham Borrowdale * Alan Heath ** Yuv Saxena
Josue Estevez Fernandez Phillip Ekhaesomi * Dominic Bartram * David Wells Karthik Ramesh
Dario Melotti Ali Kheyrollahi James Alexander Colin Solloway Robin Walker
Rob Whiteside Peter Edwards Paul Endersby John McKeon Steve Wayne
        Richard Keane
        Robert Kowalczyk
For those players new to the league, there are restrictions as to who can play in which teams. Any player playing on the top 2 boards in a team cannot play in any other team in that division or any lower division. The players marked with * are the players expected to be 'tied' to their division 1 teams from early in the season. Players marked ** are expected to be tied to division 2 teams, although they will still be able to play on the lower boards of any team in division 1.
Players not tied to specific teams can expect to be asked to play as reserve for other teams, when the need arises.
Captains in bold.

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