Swiss Manager

The following U-tube videos on using Swiss Manager have been created by Sri Lankan Chess.

How to do Manual Pairing (4:40)

Exclude/Active Players or Teams (2:24)

Pairing the 1st Round (Team Swiss) (2:42)

How to Pair 1st Round (Individual Swiss) (4:49)

Pairing Dialog Box (5:02)

Prize Money/Print Several Lists (9:02)

How to Enter Team, Date and Time (6:32)

Input Player Using Excel File (2:50)

How to Input Player Manually (6:54)

Input Player Using FIDE Rating List (2:24)

Finalizing Tournament Dialog Box (1:56)

How to Output Board Prize (3:55)

Output Category Prize (4:49)

How to Enter Tie Breaks (3:24)

Round Robin Tournament (1:56)

How to Start Individual Swiss Tournament (3:49)

Team Swiss Tournament (2:52)


A Manual by Tania Karali

Swiss-Manager Manual

Manual Index