Each of the countries making up Britain has a slightly different system for appointing arbiters. Potential candidates are advised to look on the respective website (see links) for contact details.

However, each country has a similar system at present of sitting an exam and requiring norms from performance as an arbiter at events.

FIDE also has a similar system.  The FIDE titles are FIDE Arbiter (FA) and International Arbiter (IA), the latter being the more senior title.

There is also the NA Title which is necessary to be an arbiter at a FIDE rated event.  Countries decide the minimum requirements to be put forward for this title


Regulations for FIDE Arbiter Titles

ECF Arbiter Regulations

Tournament Report Form (IT3)

Chess Scotland Arbiter Regulations

IA norm report form (IA1)

Welsh Arbiters

IA Title application form (IA2)

Irish Chess Union Requirements

FA norm report form (FA1)


FA Title application form (FA2)


FIDE Lecturer Report Form (FL1)


FIDE Lecturer Application Form (FL2)


FIDE Disciplinary Regulations for Arbiters


FIDE Arbiter Handbook


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