EACU Marcus Misson Memorial Grand Prix

The EACU Marcus Misson Memorial Grand Prix is a season long competition where players score points by competing in EACU County matches and tournaments held by the constituent counties of the EACU.

The Grand Prix is restricted to players who are members of the counties that make up the EACU.

The following competitions qualify toward the EACU Grand Prix in 2019-20.
Bury St EdmundsCongress Great Yarmouth Congress St Albans Congress EACU Congress EACU Closed Championships
Norfolk Rapidplay Cambridgeshire Rapidplay EACU County Matches EACU Team Championship  

2019 David McLean
2018 Alan Merry
2017 Alan Merry
2016 Steve Moore
2015 Steve Moore
2014 Steve Moore
2013 Chris Davison
2012 Chris Davison
2011 Steve Gregory
Chris Davison
2010 Alan Merry

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